Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Made It!

The new Casa de Bashaw

We are here at Fort Leavenworth, and we are settling in, slowly but surely.

This is our first time living on post which I think I'm going to enjoy. There is a sense of safety within these walls, and it's wonderful, especially for the kids and my peace of mind. They are able to ride their bikes all over and it's nice to know that speed limits are strictly enforced and that they can only go so far.

Still, sometimes I feel like I'm living in a fish bowl. Everything is so close and well . . . SO CLOSE! Our home has decreased in size by about half, and sometimes I feel as though we are tripping over each other. Maybe that's because we are! I'm learning, however, to be grateful for what we have and what we had. I took our home in Knoxville for granted too many times.

Gosh. I miss this place. The house, the pool right across from my driveway, my neighbors, the grocery store right across from our subdivision, our church at the end of our subdivision, our friends, A/C upstairs . . . I start to dwell upon it and it hurts my heart. Then I remember that God brought us here for a reason and I must choose to focus on the good things that will come from our time out here. TN will always be there, waiting for us with open arms and a glass of cold, sweet tea.

Kansas is nice. Not as flat as I thought it would be. The hills are green, covered with trees, and rolling. Amazing thunderstorms, which I'm coming to enjoy rather than fear. We are close to some neat places, and venture out as often as our pocket book will allow. We were in Omaha a few weeks ago and had a great time. Here's a photo of our lodging. Pretty cool, huh? The kids loved it.

Not much else to say right now. Going somewhat stir crazy as it's been HOT so indoors is a must for most of the day, and the excitement of summer vacation is slowly coming to an end. Looking forward to the start of the school year, and the new opportunities that will arise for our family. Thinking about applying for a job so I can work one or two nights a month. I miss helping new lives come into this world. The extra cash in our vacation fund would be nice as well. There are so many places we want to visit now that we are 800 miles closer!

Hope all is well with your and yours'. Will be back sooner than later . . . I hope! :)


Christy said...

Glad you made it to Leavenworth! You're only 45 minutes from my hometown! Most of Kansas is beautiful, it's Western KS that's flat and ongoing! When you went to Omaha did you hit up the zoo? It's a great zoo!

Chad will deploy this winter, before the holidays. His 1st time in Afganistan. We have a few friends stationed at Leavenworth. I hope you enjoy yoour time there.

Rachel said...

Hey girl! Maybe we could all meet up...its probably about a 5 hour drive if we meet 1/2 way! Miss you guys!

trooppetrie said...

we lived on post in AL and i had those same feelings. we are off post here and it is nice to have a bigger house with no one watching