Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Yesterday was my husband's first day back at work. While it's been great to have him home, it's also so nice to return to our "normal" life. There's something comfortably familiar with having him go to work and come home. Not very exciting, but after a year of deployment, routine is a good thing.

He came downstairs in his uniform and my kids looked up from the table, surprised and almost startled with what stood before them.

My oldest broke the silence, announcing "Well Daddy, it's been good to have you home for this long. When are you coming home?"

Do you know how nice it was to be able to hear him say "Tonight?"

For right now, we are not counting months, hundreds of days, or even weeks.

Love it, love it.

On a different note, we are looking at something different this year. We thought we'd be on our way to Ft. Bragg in the next few months, but my husband was chosen for a class, which will take us out to Kansas sometime this summer or next winter.

Totally different than what we were planning, but that's military life. Sometimes being flexible is still too rigid. Someone out there say Hooah!

Anyway, I'm making Pioneer Woman's meatballs tonight. She's amazing, n'est pas? I'm amazed at all that she does and wish that I had half of her energy, creativity, and money. Tacky statement, but I'm just being honest. I covet her camera and lenses.

I'd like her suburban too.

On that note, I'm off to start those balls of meat.


Christy said...

You'll be heading to my area of the country!! :) I'm from Kansas!! I met Chad when he was first stationed at Ft. Riley, I was going to K-State! :) If you go in the summer, be prepared for EXTREME heat and humidity and winter...cold and lots of snow! :) :) But I love Kansas!! :)

Butterfly Mama said...

Wow, what a blessing to be able to say he'll be home "tonight." Awesome!

Yes, Pioneer Woman is great and so are you. I've given you and award over at my blog :)

Many hugs,

Pam, mom, honey, said...

our movers have been here for 2 days and load up today. we are heading to fort bragg. good luck with whatever the army throws at you next