Friday, January 29, 2010

Only in East Tennessee would they cancel school for snow without there actually being any snow. We are under a winter weather advisory and the kids are home today, just waiting for the snow to start falling.
Right now it's 1:00 and we have yet to see a flake.
Cracks me up, considering we moved here from Michigan where I don't think the words "School cancelled" and "Snow" are ever mentioned in the same sentence.
Still, it's nice to have the kids home with us. Dave is still here helping me heal, and so it's another three day weekend for all of us. The time together is invaluable and an amazing blessing.


Dave took these photos on his first or second day home. Dave was still figuring out what James could and could not do, and he thought my "starting to use a spoon" was more like "he is using a spoon really well". I'd say this one meal clarified things just a little!
"Yes, Daddy, I still need some help and a bib might not be such a bad idea as well . . . "

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Amy said...

Same thing happened to us in Mississippi the 4 day we were back to school this semester. We are both school teachers so we did not mind it either!