Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trying to Figure it Out


There are some amazing blogs out there.

People do the most amazing things with their photos, layouts, etc., and I feel way behind.

Thanks to the help of Mrs Staff Sergeant, I'm starting to learn the ropes.

Well, at least something to get me beyond the basics.

These were taken last week when my parents came to visit. My Dad very patiently helped the kids carve their pumpkins.

You'll notice that it started with all four kids excitedly perched on the bench, grossed out by the pumpkin "guts" that he was pulling out.

But soon the excitement wore off and the cheese stood alone.

It was a great weekend.

Fun times.

Good meals.

Excellent company.

My sister is coming on Monday with my niece and nephew. They'll stay five days, and the fun will continue.

I can't wait.

We'll stay up late ("late" translates as we'll try to stay awake past 9:00), and eat "great" meals together.

Great meals also has an unique translation in this case.

It means mac and cheese with nights of grilled cheese and pancakes in between. Heavy on the ice cream, I may add.

We'll go to the Zoo and let the kids run at the park.

It's going to be great, and I know the time will pass all too quickly.

I may not let her leave!

Meanwhile, the days will continue to pass and we'll be that much closer to the end.

Tomorrow will start what will hopefully be my last full month without my husband.

Starting to really count the days.

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Chinamama4 said...

Your pics look great! And your dad is such a good sport! :)
I'm sure the week with your sister will just fly by - and while you'll be sad to see her go, suddenly you'll be a whole week closer to your Love!