Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When this deployment started I wouldn't let myself think about the end.

It was December 1, 2008, and when people would ask when he was coming home, just saying "January 2010" was enough to make my stomach turn.

I would never dwell on the amount of time that I had left because frankly, it was too depressing.

400 days is a looooong time to be separated.

But now we are getting closer, and honestly, his homecoming is all that I can think about.

It's to the point where it's almost consuming me.

Looking at the calendar.

Counting the days.

Fantasizing about the reunion in the airport.

Wishing it were already here.

Tired of the fact that it's not.

I'm trying to find distractions, but none are as appealing as thinking about him.

Our family.

What Christmas will be like.

What will I make for dinner.

Things we'll do in the evenings.

Walks we will take.

Trips we will set out on.

Summer vacation.

A winter trip to Florida.

Errands without all four kids.

Or even one, for that matter.

My son will have a parent-partner at Scouts, something which he has really missed.

Date night.

Family night.

My husband.

My best friend.

The most amazing gift God has given me . . .

Is almost home.


Amy said...

Can not imagine being separated from Brad for 400 days. I am praying for you! amy

Rach said...

What a wonderful reunion it will be!