Sunday, September 06, 2009

"I Can Do It, Mom!"

This was taken last Monday, the start of Anna's first full week in school, and the morning that she got to ride the bus for the first time.
I wish I could say this has been an easy first week for her, but it hasn't been as smooth as I was hoping.
She had a hard time finding a place to sit on the bus and cried one morning for the entire, 20 minute ride. This, of course, resulted in more crying when I told her that she was going to ride the bus the next morning, and the next, and the next, etc.
We have now worked out a "system" where she gets on before her brother, and he tells her to"SIT THERE!"
She collapses by the end of the day (sometimes early afternoon), her little body not adjusted to the daily in's and out's of the school routine.
She is struggling with remembering some of the basics that they are learning.

Still, she has that smile and a determined personality, which gets up at 6:30 and bravely announces "I'm ready to go, Mom!" She's trying, and doing such a good job at being our brave, "big" girl.
Big brother is very protective! She's a lucky girl. These boys take care of her . . . most of the time!
All ready to go!
Ok. I tried to Photoshop this and it made her . . .well . . . yellow. I have so much to learn.

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