Saturday, August 15, 2009

Peach Cobbler

It's 9:23 in the morning, and my two oldest children are still asleep.

Yes, they are still alive and no, they aren't sick.

I just rose out of bed about an hour ago as well. We've been enjoying later nights, tossing the baseball or riding bikes after the heat of the day has finally started to subside. The hot, humid, summer days of East TN are here, and unless you are swimming, it makes it almost unbearable to be outside during the afternoon.

What a change it's going to be come Monday, when the buzzing of the alarm will have us jumping up at 6:22. While I'm looking forward to a new school year (and only have ONE home with me during the day), there is a sweet sadness that comes with saying good-bye to another fun, family summer. The older I get, the faster the summers seem to come and go. Have you noticed the same?

One of our summer traditions revolves around cooking. A few years ago, Dave purchased a dutch oven and started making yummy desserts. Not only do they taste great, but the kids get to help make the cake and the charcoal fire. They love it, and it keeps them occupied for a least an hour or two. Making cobbler is something that takes plenty of time.

Starting to make the peach cobbler. If you're interested, it's on page 30 of the manual. I also love the cherry cobbler that's in here.
Teachin' 'em young.

Learning the art of carefully cracking an egg into a Zip Loc bag. Not as easy as it seems, especially with three, eager helpers crowding around.
The peach cobbler tradition as seen in 2008 at Norris Dam State Park.

The final result - so warm, sweet, and absolutely fattening delicious.

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