Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Normal for Now

Today and tomorrow, we get to be "normal".

We will get up, put the kids on the bus, and Dave will go to work.

I'll spend my days doing this and that, and watching the clock for his arrival around 5:30.

I'll make dinner, and we'll sit to eat as a family.

In the evenings, we'll do something together - swimming, go for a walk, etc.- before starting the bedtime routine.

Once the kids are asleep, we'll treasure the peace and quiet together: watch TV, share a bowl of ice cream, talk about the future, read, etc.

I am loving our normal, even if it's only for a short time.

Come Thursday, however, we'll go back to our other normal.

Lives apart that are linked by phone calls, emails, and an occasional letter.

Where I rule the roost, my dinner is eaten standing up, and I won't eat ice cream, while watching Colbert, by myself.

Thursday is hanging over my head, and just the thought is enough to make me sad, anxious, lonely, and somewhat excited all at the same time.



Because when he leaves, we'll have only 100 days left, and relatively speaking, that's a short amount of time to be apart.

But until then, until our other normal starts, I'm treasuring and loving each moment of this.

Our normal normal.

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ccw said...

I hope that your time leading up to today was wonderful. I'm glad he was home for the start of school; the kids had to have been happy for that.

You're right 100 days is not that long; even though it is also not soon enough. Hang in there!