Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last week when we went camping, we took an evening and went fishing. Manly fishing involves climbing over rocks, sticks, bushes, etc. to some spot that is weedy and has no place to sit down. This may not be the case in your family, but for me, it seems to happen every time. So while my husband and three children found a place that met all of the above criteria, I decided to make my own fun with James.
We found that the boat ramp was a great place to chill. Easy access to the water and a fun place to play Peek . . .
Not only did I see fish jumping right in front of me, but I also had snacks. I tried to convince them to come, but alas. . .
they were happier down here. If you look closely, you can see my son sitting on a rock and my husband doing something, probably putting another lure on Jack's line. My kids have this thing about changing their lures every two to three casts.
Soon, however, I brought Anna over to my side, with the promise of Goldfish and no "pokey" things in the water.

It didn't take much longer for everyone else to come on over and check out my primo spot.
Anna took care of the worms. She was very distressed about their future, and once we assured her that there was some sort of worm heaven, she was much happier about the situation.

And finally . . . sweet success!

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