Friday, August 21, 2009


I wish there was a way to wean myself back into the single, but married, lifestyle.

It's amazing how quickly and perfectly we slipped back into our family routine.

I feel as though I've been thrust into a former life, and it's overwhelming.

Haven't I done this before?

For almost nine months?

It sure doesn't feel like it.

One has gone to bed early as a punishment for yet again defying me. She is yelling, screaming, and over tired after almost three weeks of nonstop, Daddy fun.

I want to tell Dave to go in and "talk" to her.

Two others are battling it out with my vacuum cleaner attachments.

I want to tell Dave to wrestle with the boys and help them release some of this excess testosterone.

The baby is whiny, fussy, and doesn't know if he wants to be picked up or put down.

I'd love for Dave to do one of his special, sleep inducing, rock and bounce techniques.

Instead, it's all up to me, and I'm on overload.

I need the day to end so I begin a new day with me operating in a different mode.

A different life.

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