Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

My oldest. Notice the "nice" shorts, under the table, that I tried to get him to wear. "No one wears church shorts to school. Mom". Whoops. Sorry.
Then there's my daughter, who would have worn a Prom dress if it were possible.
Heading out the door to catch the bus.
The pick-up schedule changed this year, and we didn't realize it until we opened the door, saw the bus loading other kids, panicked, and started hollering at the kids to make a mad sprint up the hill to meet Mr. Bill. "RRRUUUUUNNNNN! Faster! Faster!" I had been planning on everyone walking up there together, and snapping a few of those "there they go on the bus"photos. But fate obviously had other plans, and next year I'll be certain to check, and then recheck, our bus pick-up time. Definitely made for an interesting, first day of school!

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