Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Ponderosa

I don't want to look back on 2009 as the year where I spent most of my time missing my husband and counting the days until he returns, leaves, returns, leaves, and then returns again.
Too depressing, not productive, and very boring.

So in the spirit of wanting to make some summer memories, I packed the kids up and visited the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Animal Rescue.

The more I visit these places, the less I like them. I know this "attraction" is part rescue, but it's still depressing to see big animals in tiny cages. I receive solace, however, is knowing that my donation helps care for these animals, most of whom where purchased as pets until they began to grow, bite, never die, etc.

Two of the monkeys were used in a drug operation. If the mokeys died, then they knew that the chemical levels had become toxic, and it was time for them to evacuate. Craziness.

Anyways, for something different, I gave my oldest the camera for most of the day. Here are a few of his shots.
These ladies were something else with their summer 'dos. Sort of like an alpacadoodle.

Feed me please.

And me too.

Me three. Oh wait a minute. Moms don't count. Why is that? Not just here but life in general?
"Hey David! Be sure to get a picture of your sister riding the pony!"

"OK Mom! Got some great shots!"

I took the camera back at this point because this reminded me so much of my house when I come home with groceries. They are like locusts that descend, often times eating things before they ever get put away.

"Feed us too please! "
"Homemade" milkshakes from Hardee's wrapped up the afternoon. I'd like to be able to say that I only consumed my Diet Coke, but alas, there were shakes that were not finished so rather than let them go to waste, I did the responsible thing and finished them off. Ahhhhhh . . . the perfect way to finish a perfect afternoon!

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