Sunday, June 28, 2009

The World's "Worstest" Picture

Sibling love. It can be fiercely protective and yet so plain mean.
This is an excellent example.
While I was in the shower this morning the kids had a "who can make the worstest picture in the world" contest. Here are the results.

Jack's drawing of Anna. Notice the following: a moustache, funny teeth, holding a smelly bologna sandwich, cotton ball clothing, and "gross smells" are radiating from her body. What are "gross smells" you ask? "Old grandpa armpit juice". Lovely.
Anna's drawing of Jack. The first thing you must notice is that it's done mostly in pink. That alone gives her major points in her book. Next you will notice the big ears and princess earrings, girl hair, big pink tooth, a pink polka dot dress, and again, the bologna sandwich.

The best part about it all?
They laughed.
There were no tears.
And I have another treasure for my chest of memories.


Rach said...

How are they doing? Is Anna in preschool or Kindergarten this year?

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i just want to know how many bologna sandwhiches you have made them eat that they don't like them so much