Thursday, July 02, 2009


So in my mission to not have a summer of simply waiting for Dave to return, we headed out again for yet another fun-filled day. Downtown was our destination so off we went!
Jack has always been my climber and is not afraid of anything, especially heights. I wonder what the people in the museum thought when they looked out the window and saw a child sitting there. Do you have any idea what went through my head when I heard "Look at me, Mom!"?
"Please take a picture of me sitting on the Shrek Donkey, Mom!"
We went to our downtown library because the branch closer to home is small and never has anything that I'm looking for. So we went to the "hub" that is big, has everything, and therefore, I could find nothing that I was looking for. Here is a sample of the 30 some items that we brought home, movies on top. I hate that my kids run to the movie section first. Still, it's nice to be able to get things, like the flick that we watched last night, for free.
After a bit to eat at Panera (Oh how I love that place!), we went to the downtown water park.
There they go!
Trying to time it just right . . .
I love this photo for another reason. My son is wearing his flip-flops because he's in a "dirty", wet place. I must have passed this fear on to him while he was basking in my womb for nine months. I developed a phobia of sorts to wet, public places once I started nursing school. Spend some time learning what can breed in places like these, and you'll never take your shoes off again. Like mother, like son. And then there are my other two, who have little fear of anything wet and dirty. Yes, he is trying to get the water to go up his pants. Ouch!
What a smile. Nothing but joy and happiness.


Amy said...

oh how fun! My boys would go crazy if we had a park like that near us!

geminirn said...

Oh Wow!!That looks like a pleased to see that you guys are doing ok.......Hugs from Canada!!