Friday, January 09, 2009

I know we are done and I'm fine with that . . . most of the time.

It's when I start to put away those tiny things that still smell like Dreft that I get a pain in my heart. I found a newborn sleeper the other day - made for sizes up to 7 lbs - and I don't know what to do with it. It's so small and precious that I can't imagine giving it away to someone I don't know. My sweet, newborn babies slept in those things! They should be bronzed or something.

But I have to be practical about all of this.

There is a bouncy seat in the corner of my living room that needs to go someplace. Storage or The Goodwill? If it's not going to be used again, why keep it around, competing for the little storage space that we do have?

I found a newborn diaper the other morning and was amazed that my four month old was that small not too long ago. Where has the time gone?


Sarah said...

Hey! I have a feeling we aren't done with babies here... save some for #3.

Christy said...

Hey girl, I'm writing a blog entry right now and you are getting an award, so here in a bit go check it out ok!!! :)