Thursday, January 22, 2009

We have been blessed with the gift of one last visit.

Next week he will be here for a few days of rest and time to collect all that he wants to take to Iraq.

I'm trying to think of all that I want to get done, everything I want us to do together, etc. Taxes, the broken shelf x 2, more leaves to rake . . . My list is growing, and I'm quickly realizing that we don't have that much time.

So I'm changing my list and making sure that certain things are at the top.

We need plenty of time to say "I love you's".

We need time for laughing and hugs.

Lunch dates at the school with each of the boys.

Plenty of pictures.

Memories that will take us until this fall when we are granted another two week gift of time.

I cannot wait until Monday!


Penny said...

Amy that is awesome you will have a few more days! Enjoy!

Rach said...

Tell Dave we said "Hi"

JoAnn said...

You are a wise women. The leaves can wait until warm weather and Nannie both arrive. I think I smell meatloaf and beef stew. A little bit of Maker's Mark too.