Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heard At My House This Week

"Why are your legs furry like Daddy's?" I tend to cut back on shaving whenever hubby is out of town. I thought no one would notice. Wrong!

"Yo Punk!" I overheard my oldest son hollering this to his brother. This is wrong on so many levels I don't know where to start.

"You're retarded". Again, so wrong. Teaching my kids why we don't say certain things is a new area of growing up that we are quickly entering.

"Let's get this cross for Daddy in case he dies." The boys are making a gift for their Daddy, and we went to Michaels to pick out items to decorate it with. This was Jack's choice of a decoration, which I quickly vetoed.

"I'm eating nuts. You know. Those ones from the pantry, not the ones in my pants". How are my kids learning these things!?!?!

It's moments like these that make me laugh, want to cry, and cringe, realizing that it's time to address so many other issues, ie why we don't call people punks, what a punk is, etc. It brings joy to my day, challenges me, and makes time move along.

I only wish Dave were here to share these moments with me.

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The Abes said...

just read your blog from this month and i'm all tears! you have a gift for writing so you've confirmed my idea for a book about adoption.
hang in there, friend.
God is with you!