Friday, December 19, 2008

He is coming home on Sunday . . . we think. One thing you learn with the military is that until you see the whites of their eyes, or the abscene of, you count on very little. Things are forever changing.

So, we will have him home for Christmas. A few wonderful days, with memories that must hold us until he vacations in the fall.

What a treat.

A wonderful surprise.

The perfect gift.

I've never had such a hard time waiting to open my present!


Rach said...

That's wonderful Amy! I hope you guys have a blessed Christmas!

Penny said...

What wonderful news! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Val said...

I'm so super excited for you! What an awesome surprise! So, so, so very happy...hope it's all you imagine and more.

Oh, and, shave your legs, girlfriend! ;-D

geminirn said...

That is wonderful news!!!!Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and form lots of beautiful memories.

Hugs from Canada