Friday, October 03, 2008

I tried on multiple pairs of pants today, hoping and praying that I would be able to fit into anything but maternity clothes.

First was my favorite pair of cords that I wore early in my pregnancy. I thought for sure that I could manage to fit into the pants that I wore until I was 17 weeks or so. Ummm . . . no. Thrown on the bed with some disgust.

So I then went for a pair of maternity jeans that were always a little snug, but they are maternity, right? Should fit now that I'm postpartum. Pull up and over large thighs and rump. Try to suck it all in and zip. Nope. Tossed on the bed as well.

Time to dig to the bottom of the pile for the "fat jeans". Of course these will fit! More squeezing and sucking in until there is no denying the truth; I'm not fitting into these either. Chucked on the bed with the others.

So here I am, settled in my elastic, khaki, maternity cargos, the ones that I've been wearing for almost 6 months straight. The most depressing thought is that I should really buy another pair, as these are starting to wear thin.

And who says that pregnancy lasts only nine months!?!? It's the gift that keeps on giving!


Joy said...

I totally can relate to that - I remember feeling so discouraged (and still having days where I feel that same way) - keep hanging in there - can you take James out on a walk in the stroller to get out of the house and get some exercise? Just wondering if he might like that when he's fussy???

Sarah said...

Dude! You are ONE month postpartum. Why in the world are you trying on regular pants after a c-section? Ouch! Doesn't it hurt to have clothing tight/rub? It took me 7 months to get down to my preKatie weight and still things don't fit right thanks to nursing assets and stretched out hips/belly.