Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thank Goodness for Mom

Wow. What a crazy three weeks this has been. From his delivery, to the reflux, to being up for most of the night, this little one has really thrown me for a loop. I would be insane by now if it weren't for my Mom. What a blessing she has been; riding in on her "white horse" to save me from sleeplessness, fussiness, children with homework and after school activities, an empty pantry, a full basket of laundry, a husband preparing for deployment, etc. How wonderful it's been to hear someone, who also has four children, encourage me rather than call me crazy for doing this again. I cannot say enough about what a blessing she has been, and how much I wish I could repay her for everything she has done.

Thank you God for my Mom . . . .

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geminirn said...

So happy to hear that your white in shining armor MOM was able to help out....things can only get better...right!