Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Things you should not ask/tell a pregnant woman include the following:

"I thought you was gonna tell me you was havin' a boy and a girl since you're so big", and then proceed to laugh with your check-out helper. What do you do? Laugh with them?

"Are you sure you aren't having twins? Has your doctor done an U/S to make sure because I have a friend who thought she was just having just one and guess what . . . . " Yes, I am just having one, and I have had an U/S. Would you like to see the photos for confirmation?

"Wow. You are really starting to waddle." I know and it's quite a turn on for my husband. Nothing like a waddling woman with brown cannonballs coming towards you.

"You've got that pregnant face going on." Not quite sure what a pregnant face is, but I'm sure it's related to the 30 lbs I've gained. I should also count the 15 that I tacked on before I even got pregnant. Yup, that would most likely account for the pregnant face comment.

"You're having another one!?!? These aren't all yours' then, are they?" No, they aren't. I grabbed this one from the parking lot. Shhhh . . . Please don't tell anyone.

What's the "best" pregnant comment that you've ever gotten? Please tell me. I could use a laugh! Maybe it will jostle this kid on out!

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geminirn said...


can't wait to see this little ones adorable little face....and hear the name????