Monday, April 21, 2008

Kids can make you feel like a million bucks when you are pregnant. Here are some of my favorite statements/questions so far. Little do they know that the best is yet to come . . .

"Your boobies look like brown, bumpy, hairy cannonballs". Thank you. Please close the shower door and don't come back.

"Wow Mom! You are sure getting big and fat!" A big round of hugs and kisses for this observation. If it's not your OB/GYN who rides you about the weight gain, it's your kids. Delightful to hear this at least once a day.

"I'll tell you one thing, Mom! That shirt is too short for you!" Thank you again. I'm trying to avoid wearing what I will most likely be basking in for the next year -maternity clothes. Once they come out, they have a very hard time going away!

"Why does the baby burp so much?" Yes, I have told my kids that it's the baby bringing on this "condition" and not me.

"Look! I look just like you!" announced my oldest after shoving the basketball under his shirt. Give me time, boy and you'll be stickin' the beach ball under there.

"Come on, Mom! RUN! FASTER! FAAAAAAAASTER! Catch me!" I wish.


Rach said...

LOL, your kids are so cute!!! I'm sure you are too:)

Amy said...

My sister just had her baby earlier this month and her 6-year-old said (either the same day or the next day), "Mommy, why are you still fat?" Poor sis.

Enjoy your pregnancy. I can't wait to hear more about it!

By the way, speaking of pregnancy, I never got pregnant, so how come I am fifteen pounds heavier after adopting my daughter?

David,Joy, & Trey said...

Hey - soooooooo what did your ultrasound tell you? I am excited for you!