Monday, September 01, 2008

37 weeks and counting . . . .

It's amazing how you spend 37 weeks praying that they stay inside, and then overnight you want them OUT. I'm trying very hard to count my blessings that I'm even pregnant, that this has been an easy pregnancy, etc., but there comes a point where even these thoughts do little to counteract the inability to sleep well at night, the feeling of needing to urinate 24/7, the feeling of popping something whenever you bend over, the constant feeling of fatigue, and the feet that have managed to wedge themselves under my ribs.

I know this is my last pregnancy so I'm really trying to enjoy these last few weeks and count my many blessings. There truly is something magical about fetal movement, and I know these last few weeks of kicking, rolling, and punching are going to be it for me. It's just getting . . . well . . . old. I'm over it.

There is also an excitement at this point that reminds me somewhat of Christmas. I have a huge present to unwrap, and I can anytime now. Patience is not my virtue so from 37 weeks on I cross my fingers that every Braxton-Hicks contraction will lead to something bigger and better. The baby swing, bassinet, and tiny clothes are ready to be put to use. I am so excited to see what will "come out" so to speak. My two boys are like apples and oranges so I'm very curious as to what this little gomer will be like.

Names . . . What a goat rodeo this has turned out to be. Each child is passionate about their choice, and none are truly acceptable. At the top of the list? Speed Racer and Indiana Jones. People laugh when I tell them this and tend to "poo-poo" the whole issue. Well, after conversations that end in crying and hurt feelings ("Why don't you like my choice?"), we are not sure what to do about it all.

It would help if hubby and I had a name that we liked, but we too are somewhat at a loss when it comes to naming this squirrel. I told hubby that we should wait until he comes out, see what he "looks like", and go from there. Hubby's response? "So we'll name him wrinkled old man, boob sucker, diaper soiler, party crasher . . . " I cut him off before he could depress me even more. Needless to say, we are having issues with the age gap and the "regression" that is to come. My Mom asked me the other day where my diaper bag was, and I had to think about that for awhile. That thing hasn't seen the light of day in years.

So I'll keep you posted, and I'd appreciate any ideas on how to break the "name news" to kids. I'm open to just about anything, but Speed Racer and Indiana Jones just won't cut it, no matter how many tears are shed.

I still can't post photos on Blogger and I'm not sure why. Not sure if it has to do with security settings or what, but trying to figure it out is taking more time than I have at the moment. I've gotten into Facebook and have put photos there. If you'd like to be my "friend" and see them, just let me know!


Rach said...

Ahh, the name game! I think when he gets here, you'll come up with something! As far as the kids, maybe have a few names you like, then as their opinion on those names. Good luck, I remember those last few weeks and not sleeping well. I actually had my water break at 38 weeks (I still maintain my due date was off and it was closer to 39), but hey, any day now! Hugs!

Butterfly Mama said...

Yes, that 37 week mark I remember it well...and then went three more weeks with both of mine. Hoping that you don't have to wait that long for your little present.

Oh, and hopefully you'll be able to post pictures when she does arrive!


Penny said...

Hi Amy! I'll be thinking about you and your family! Not much longer. I wish I had some idea for you about the name game.

I am on facebook too! As is....a lot of people from WAHS. I will look you up.

Take care!

ccw said...

I didn't have much trouble with boy names. My very favorite one has and always will be Matthew. Since we named Nonami aftermy FIL, I used Matthew for the middle name. Fortunately, I really like my FIL's name.

I think Adam was the only other boy name I truly considered. Now, if you needed girl names I could give you lots of suggestions.