Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Saw It Last Weekend

Last weekend, my pregnant belly was craving a bagel sandwich, and of course, it had to be from one certain location. So off we went, my hubby driving happily, and me, sitting large and hungry next to him, starting to foam at the mouth for my jalapeno and cheddar bagel with ham and cheese. Kids were behaving well, no one was fighting or requiring some sort of parental intervention. In fact, we were looking outside and together making somewhat intelligent observations about our surroundings. Truly a nice afternoon moment . . . until we pulled up to the light and this was looming next to us. I was so focused on my bagel-to-be, along with the peace and enjoyment we were having in the car,that I failed to realize what we were sitting next to until my son let out a "MOM! WHAT IS THAT? MOOOOMMMMM!"

I couldn't believe it. Still driving around our town. I thought they would have moved on by now, and I could continue to count my blessings that my young children had not seen such horrific, difficult to explain (while driving especially!) images. Wrongo.

Of course we were at a red light so I began to pray that the light would change, but when I realized the "lines of communication" were delayed, I began to beg my husband to just run the darn thing. "We need to get out of here fast!" I hissed while my hubby was trying to play the whole thing down. "Don't make a big deal out of it, Amy, and he'll just forget about it. Here. Watch. Hey boys! What sort of sandwich do you want to get? We are almost there so let's start to make a decision. David? How about a tuna sub with chips as a special treat . . . . " OK. Safe for now, but I know how my oldest son's mind works. He tucks things away, ponders them, and brings them up hours, sometimes days, later. This was not going to go away.

And sure enough. Later that day he approached me and asked "Why are they driving around such a scary Halloween truck now? It's not even October yet! Do you think they are just confused, Mom, or are they taking it someplace to get less scary decorations put on it?"

"Less scary decorations . . . Sure honey. That sounds like a great idea. Let's hope they are going to do something like that soon".

What else do you say to an 8 year old who just came face to face with an 7 foot tall and 22 foot wide poster of an aborted fetus?

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