Saturday, August 02, 2008

33 weeks and I have yet to . . .

- Find, wash, and put away clothes for this bambino. Actually, I do have clothes and they are in every corner of the house it seems. It's just those "essentials" that I'm in search of, and they seem to be hiding in the bottom of some box.

- Do something with the crib besides set it up. A sheet on the mattress would be a good idea. Putting the mattress in the crib would help as well.

- Have "the" show down with my breast pump. The ol' thing needs to be cleaned, old parts replaced, and saddled up for months of use. I swore I would burn that thing after my second was born. Nothing like watching your nipples being sucked down a skinny, plastic tube.

- Buy something to hold these hooters once they are back in lactation/dairy cow mode.

- Something to contain pee and poop would be a good idea. I believe they are called diapers, which we have been out of for about two years now.

- Pack something for the hospital. When do most people truly do this? I know by now I should have a few things assembled/tossed in the corner, but with my second I started, and finished, this task while contracting and heading out the door for the hospital.

It's amazing how things change as the number of children climbs beyond one, two, etc. With my first, by 20 some weeks, we had the crib up, "decorated", clothes washed with Dreft, folded, put away, rearranged again, etc. With this one, I'm just praying for a few days of quiet so I can get most of the essentials done before I head to the hospital. I need something to inspire me, but unless it's food or rest, I'm sort of in state of "I'll do this later" mode. Here's praying for a miracle . . .

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Rach said...

It took a lot to get us going too! I think its knowing that it will work out even if you don't have everything right away perfectly set up! Where are those pictures girl???