Sunday, July 06, 2008

Interesting Article

Our paper ran an article a few days ago regarding sunscreen, and how many "fall down on the job". Headed by the Environmental Working Group, 950 brand-name sunscreens were tested, and it was determined that 85% of the sunscreens with an SPF rating of 15 or higher delivered " . . . subpar protection from UV rays or contain ingredients that are known health hazards or have not been tested for safety". The scientists found that some popular sunscreen chemicals broke down when exposed to sunlight, and others can penetrate the skin, causing allergic reactions, hormone disruption (!), and skin damage.

The EWG recommended only 142 of the 950 sunscreens tested. Coppertone didn't make the list, and only one of 103 Neutrogena products made the cut. Their top ten include:

1. Blue Lizard (without oxybenzone)
2. California Baby with SPF 30 or higher
3. CVS with zinc oxide
4. Jason Natural Cosmetics Sunbrellas Mineral Based Sunscreen
5. Kiss My Face "Paraben-Free" Series
6. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock
7. Olay Defense Daily Defense UV Moisturizer with zinc
8. SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense
9. Solar Sense Clear Zinc for Face
10. Walgreens Zinc Oxide for Face, Nose, and Ears

The EWG states that they've done this report in response to the FDA's long-time promise to create tougher sunscreen guidelines. "We've been waiting 30 years for the FDA to come up with adequate safety standards, and we're still waiting," said the EWG vice president for research.

Just thought you might like to know . . . I found the whole thing interesting and rather disturbing, especially the issue raised with the chemicals causing hormone issues. It'll be interesting to see how the FDA responds to all of this as well as the big names in sunscreen. You won't see me at the Coppertone display anymore, looking at the oodles and oodles of bottles, trying to figure out which works best for this and that. If anything this article really simplifies things! Hope it helps for you as well!


Rach said...

Hey there...don't you love some companies:) Anyhow, I found this website

a while back. Its a focus type group that is one sided, but I think they have some generally good information. I've looked at the site for some non-chemical type sunscreens, but more importantly, because I burn easily, I looked at the UVA protection they give. I've found Mexitan lotion to provide a better UVA, but also, not all the chemicals. They note Badger too, which I've purchased before but goes on really thick and you should see it on our son Oliver, looks like we we're trying to give him a clown face!

geminirn said...

very interesting,thanks a bunch for this info.