Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hurry Spring!

You know it's time for warmer weather when your kids make a "swimming pool" in the house! Friday we spent the morning swimming, diving, and riding sharks on our family room floor. Rather challenging when you are feeling pregnant and bloated!

Come on spring! Forget the pool! I'll be happy with weather in the fifties! Well . . . actually sixties (high sixties please) but I don't want to sound too greedy to those who are facing at least another two months of cold weather. I remember those days. . . It wasn't that long ago that we were in Michigan, experiencing snow on Memorial Day weekend!

Swimmin' with the sharks! Even holding his breath!
The crazy dive!

The pencil dive! Have to love the midflight, hair everywhere, look!


Chinamama4 said...

Your children always come up with such imaginitive things to do!
But you were wise not to get too greedy with those warm temps. Some of us in Chicagoland are expecting more snow this week!

Rach said...

Ahhh...trying to keep the kids occupied while pregnant! I remember putting in more movies to watch than usual for the kids...hey, better safe than sorry while mom was taking a bloated rest on the couch!

ccw said...

Love, love, love this!

They look like they are having an absolute blast.

geminirn said...