Friday, February 29, 2008

My past few days have been spent addressing the following issues/questions:

- Why we will not name the baby either Hannah Montana or Jack W. Bush.

- Why I don't know how old Jesus was when he died. I gave a ball park, but that wasn't good enough. So my middle child is set on one hundred million years old. Sure.

- I truly doubt that Jesus died from smoking cigarettes. We've been trying to explain that smoking shortens your lifespan thus everyone who dies must have been a smoker. This, after we just finished reading the Easter Story which included the Cross, Calvary, etc. Guess we will need to reread and point out that nowhere in the story was there the mention of cigarettes.

- Why we don't pull down our pants so we can see our bums in the reflection of the windows at Tae Kwon Do. I know you may be bored while your brothers are practicing, but we just don't do that, as hard as it may seem!

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