Friday, January 18, 2008

Great Backyard Bird Count

It's time to spread the word about the Great Backyard Bird Count from February 15-18. All you need is 15 minutes to watch and record the birds that you see in your backyard, and the record your information at the GBBC website. Last year people reported more than 11 million birds of 613 different species.
I've been doing the winter count with my kids every week or so, and it's been really interesting to see the data that comes through. Not only do the birds show trends in things like urbanization, but the global climate change has been a real surprise and concern. Birds that have only been in Mexico are now showing up in Oregon. People were all in a frenzy when a Florida native made it's way up to New England. Some birds are not migrating as far South as usual, and you can't help but to wonder "What are we doing to our home!?!"
So take a peek, and find 15 minutes to watch and count over the weekend. Spread the word as well. This weekend really makes a difference!

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ccw said...

Very interesting. Blue jays are the mainly what I see from day to day.