Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wombs For Rent

I was scanning the channels last week, desperately searching for something decent that the kids could watch while I made dinner. During my browsing, I came across Oprah and had to tune in for a few minutes. Did anyone else see Wombs For Rent? Talk about having mixed emotions.

Lisa Ling was talking about her new documentary that investigates couples who are traveling to India in the hopes of becoming parents through an Indian surrogate mother. What is the biggest attraction to the program? I would have to say the cost. Rather than the ten of thousands required for US surrogates, the surrogates in India are paid $6,000. Yes, this is like winning the lottery in a third world country, and that's the "pro" played up throughout the program.

Still, I thought it was sad. The surrogates stay/hide in a home next to the clinic because surrogacy is not accepted in most areas. Yes, they learn vocational skills, language skill, etc., but it was sad to hear them talk to Lisa. Most of the women were crying. "I miss my young son". "These people can leave with their baby and never think of me again, but I will think about this baby for the rest of my life".

How sad that these women are doing this out of total desperation. Lying to their families. Missing their children. Would I do something similar if my family was poor, hungry, needing an education, etc? Most likely, yes. What mother wouldn't sacrifice her physical and emotional health to provide for her family?

Still, to have no other option to care for your family. No welfare. No food stamps. No WIC. No housing. Only your uterus.

Thoughts anyone?

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Heidi said...

Wow, I didn't see this. It's so hard to say what I'd do in a similar situation to these women though. It is sad.