Monday, October 15, 2007

Dear PaPa

Thank you so much for my new cap gun, PaPa! I love my new gun and so does David! The only problem is that it can be a little loud so . . .

I wear my helmet and it won't hurt my ears! If my ears don't hurt, I can do it as long as I want too or until my mommy says "ENOUGH"! I don't understand why mommy doesn't love my cap gun as much as I do.

We were so lucky PaPa! My mommy thought she had lost the caps, but we found them in the trash can! We were so sad to think that 800 caps were going to be lost in the trash forever. Boy! Talk about luck, huh?

Look at the smoke coming out of my gun! It's just like a real gun! It even sounds like a real gun, PaPa! My neighbor came out today because she didn't know what that loud bang was. Boy! Did I trick her!
Anna says "Thank you Poppy for my beauty parlor shop. Please come again soon so I can make you into my Pretty Poppy".
Please come and play with me again PaPa. By then I'll be all out of caps and we can go to Walmart again!
Love, Jack


Rach said...

Too funny...crazy how those things ended up in the trash!?

Carpenters said...

Aren't grandparents the greatest, Jack? Enjoy the gift (for as long as mom can stand it).

Nannie and Papa said...

Hello Jack,
My you are such a clever little boy. How did you find those caps in the trash? Papa will buy you many more when they are gone so you never have to worry about running out. Isn't that neat? Maybe you mom should put on a helmet too so her ears don't hurt. Papa said he has some earplugs for your neighbor. She will love them because they are orange and soft. We are so glad you are having fun with your new gun. Papa says when you get bigger you can shoot a BB gun up on the land. Won't that be lots of fun. I think Papa likes to shoot as much as you do.
Have fun and when you come to Roanoke be sure to leave your gun in Knoxville so it will be there safe and sound when you return. Your Mom would be very sorry if it got lost.
We love you and can't wait to see you all soon. Hey tell your Dad we saw a big buck who likes to eat mushrooms.
Love Nannie and Papa