Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our latest visitor

So last night, around 1:00 AM, we heard a huge noise that woke us both up. At first I thought "I'm sure it's just nothing . . . " but after a few more minutes of letting my imagination work, I could not go back to sleep until my husband checked the house for the crazy lunatic that was coming just to get me.

Finding nothing, we went back to bed until the 6:30 alarm went off. Stumbled downstairs and came across this little fella.

The bang must have been the birdfeeder coming down. I have to admit, it is rather cute, even if it did have me thinking that my life was about to end.

My last picture of the morning. I was attempting to get another shot because it was looking at me again, and looking rather cute. But then it started to walk towards me and the open door. "Surely it will stop soon!" I foolishly thought. This was my parting shot as I attempted to get a 'coon shot while jumping inside and slamming the door. I don't know much about raccoons but I'm sure one in the house with three kids is not a good thing.

"Don't worry Mom" assured my oldest. "We'll just have Dad shoot it tomorrow". Nice.


Val said...

"Yeah, Dad, bring home a tank and let's get that raccoon!"

You have more wildlife than we do here next to a woods.

Christy said...

LOL! Growing up my dad went coon hunting every year and at one point we had 2 baby coons until they were big enough to fend for themselves. They are brave little things and can be mean, oh and huge pests! :)

Melinda Zook said...

Although I know racoons can be troublesome, I think they are adorable! Nice pics