Friday, October 19, 2007

The Solution to Our Rodent Issues

We had a cute chipmunk this summer, and I've been wondering what's happened to him. My parents have a chipmunk who's been living around their house forever so I thought it was rather strange when, after a month or two, that cute little thing disappeared.
Templeton was here for a few days and then vanished.

Then we saw this guy. Think he could have anything to do with the disappearances?

What an amazing, and HUGE, animal! My kids were so excited. "Mom! There's a T-Rex on the deck!" We're working on the concept that some birds have evolved from dinosaurs. Anyways, I figured it was just a large Blue Jay or something, and my mouth fell open when I saw this guy on our deck. He was scanning back and forth between the deck boards, looking for dinner.

He eventually flew off to a tree in our backyard and I was able to get a better shot. Hopefully he'll hang around and be a welcome exterminator . . . at least when it comes to Templeton and his family!

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