Monday, October 22, 2007

Zoo Fun

We have a zoo that does neat things all the time for kids. For two weekends in October, they host Boo at the Zoo, where kids can see animals and collect candy along the way. At the end of the trail they have a local band play for the kids in an area that's set up with games and arts and crafts. Their carousel becomes "haunted" and goes backwards with the lights coming on and off.

They do a great job and the kids have been asking "When can we go to Boo at the Zoo again?" since last October. I've been getting the same questions this morning. 364 days and counting . .

This thing was great. It made the parents laugh and the kids freak out. There was a young kid inside the head who was funny as anything. He would talk to the kids about their costumes, and didn't hesitate to get involved in their acts. He did a ninja "Heeeeeee Yaaaaaa" while making chopping motions with his short little arms. He sang the Transformers song when he saw our boys. Kids could sit next to him for photos, but most chose to just run the other way. Anna started to cry, David just ran, and I snagged Jack before he did the same.

There was no way Anna was going up there . . .

Poor Jack had something wrong with his ear. He woke up with it swollen and by the time we got to the Zoo it was huge. Dave said he looked like Will Smith from the scene in "Hitch" where he has an allergic reaction to the seafood. We don't know what got poor Jack, but after a little Atarax, it's looking much better today. I guess bed bugs do sometimes bite!

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A glimpse of Mel said...

Wow! What a fun family outing. Halloween isnt big in SA but it is growing. Love the pics of your kids all dressed up. We may have to start the tradition in a non-scary manner!