Monday, August 13, 2007

"Can We Keep Him?"

I got out of the shower to find two of my children running around the deck, bucket in hand.

"What are you two doing?"

"Trying to catch the rat so he can be our pet."

These two have an imagination and are always coming up with something.

"Get back inside. The door is open and the A/C is on, flies are coming in, we need to meet so and so in 15 minutes and no one is dressed . . . . ".

A few moments later . . .

"There he is Mom!"

Sure enough. Big. Brown. Tail about 8 inches long or more. Testicles dragging on the deck boards. Enjoying the bird seed that has been thrown about.

My hubby is out of town. Not only did he take the camera - he will never believe me - but he is also a skilled hunter if you get my drift.

So I guess I can know add to my list of reasons to close the door " . . . Mr. Big Balls Brown will come in too . . . "

Gag. Any thoughts? Something I can do besides get a cat? Call me inhumane, but kids and an outdoor rat just seem like a bad combination!


ccw said...

I wish I could send you one of my cats; 2 of them are very skilled hunters.

A rat playing with my kids would creep me out, too.

We had a live mole in our house and I trapped him under a bucket until my husband got home. Is this an option or will he be gone long enough that the rat would die a slow death?

Poppy said...

1. Remove all birdseed.

2. Replace with Decon.

3. Problem solved!