Friday, August 10, 2007

First Day of School

Yup! Yesterday was the big day! Where did the summer go and how is it that I have a child who is now in the second grade!?!?
My oldest wanted us all to join him at the bus stop. He woke up Jack, who quickly fell back to sleep on the couch. Oh well. He was so excited for his first day after seeing that the playground had new equipment! Who hoo! What else is there at this age when it comes to school?
New school year means a new backpack and . . .
new shoes! I remember my Mom taking each of us shopping for these things before the first day of school. It was such a big deal to get a new pair of shoes for the first day of school! We also had a new outfit that was laid out, tags just cut off, but never washed! I can still feel the stiffness and smell of that cotton/polyester! Man! I strutted those new threads with pride!
Have a good day!

Is it just around here or do you have to buy all sorts of supplies for your kids? We have to buy it all: paper towels, kleenex, pencils, crayons, glue, highlighters, rulers, composition books, spiral notebooks, red pen, etc. It costs a pretty penny and I can't imagine it's an easy purchase for all. What's going on that our schools can't afford even the basic of supplies?


ccw said...

He looks so cute and excited!

Kid L will be starting 6th grade, her last year of middle school. I have no idea how it is possible that my baby is nearly my size.

School supplies are expensive; especially since it does seem we are outfitting the schools with basic supplies they should have. In elementary school, the PTO sold supplies. They were not necessarily cheaper but it was so nice not to have to drag around trying to piece the list together.

casual friday everyday said...

awwww :) gosh i know i'll cry when mine goes off to school. lol

Anonymous said...

David looks happy and so ready to begin second grade. With that attitude he'll have a great year.
It brings back memories of all our shopping trips for the perfect first day of school outfit.
I remember getting just as excited as a new teacher to meet the young bright students that became my focus and concern for the next nine months. Lots of excitement for everyone. It's a busy but very exciting time.
Papa and Nannie are very proud of our oldest grandson and we wish him a wonderful year in second grade!

Chinamama4 said...

I can NOT believe school starts already for you! We start on the 22nd, and I thought that was early! Remember starting after Labor Day (am I showing my age?)?
I, too, did the beautiful new First Day outfit growing up, and now I do the same for my girls (I guess it's different for girls, huh?). We really make a big deal about choosing just the right dress/outfit. This year, I have three going to school (2nd, Kind and preschool), so three new dresses! Such fun!
We also have to buy bags of school supplies - I spent over $100 for all three girls at WalMart, and that didn't include gym shoes that two of mine have to leave at school. ACK!