Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Missing Pictures

We've been sorting through files and uploading, transferring, etc. in preparation for the "final moments" of our computer. It's been doing strange things, and one of these days we know it's not coming to come back to life after the many attempts to preform computer CPR. Such is the life of a computer when kids play games/commit computer abuse every day. I'm surprised the ol' Dell has lasted this long.

What's fun is that I'm finding all sorts of neat photos that have been stored in files such as "Christmas 2004". I have found some great ones from our China trip under "Newborn Jack".

Yes, China has places the are crowded, dirty, polluted, etc., but there is still such a sense of peacefulness and calm once you leave those areas. I really hope we can visit our daughter's province one day.

A typical village where our daughter was born.

Afternoon tai chi.

OK. Don't laugh. Next time you have to take a long flight, ask the stewardess if they have one of these. It's called a Honeycomb and it's the best. You wear it over your ears and under your nose, and it keeps the air moist and comfortable while you sleep. Nothing dries out and you feel great! I felt rather crazy until I looked behind me and saw one of the pilots - they switch half way throughout the flight - sleeping and wearing one. The best.

Despite these signs, the Chinese do have a nasty spitting habit. BUT they are trying to fix things in preparation of the 2008 Olympics. Here's the proof.
The Chinese know how to relax. I wish our country did as well . . . I could use a daily rest on the riverfront!


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Val said...

Fun pics!! Doncha just wanna go back?? :o)