Sunday, July 15, 2007

So Much Fun Together

As a Mom, you love to see your kids playing together and having fun. These two are always on some adventure together, the latest being "American Dragon" on Dave's ATV. Yes, Val, I finally caved, and my hubby is the happiest man on the earth. It's just too bad that he can't ride until the doctor clears him from his shoulder surgery. Talk about torture for a man!
In less than four weeks, school starts and Jack will be in school five mornings a week. While I know that Anna and I are going to enjoy the time together, it's certainly going to be quiet without the mastermind behind some of the world's greatest adventures. I know that many live for the day that their kids go to school, things are quiet around the house, etc., but I'm somewhat melancholy about the whole thing. A quiet house is just not the norm for me!


Val said...

How cute is that?? Love your little tomboy, too. :o)

It's good you caved...if Daddy's happy, ever'body's happy. LOL!

Chinamama4 said...

I'm with you, Amy! I miss 'em when they're away at school (or VBS or camp)!

ccw said...

They are so cute together! I cannot wait until Nonami is old enough to play along with the girls.

Rach said...

I'm debating whether to start Greta right when she turns 5 or wait to 6, I don't want her off to school too soon, I want her to be my little girl at home, but I know if she's ready, I'll have to let her go:(

Anonymous said...

Seems like just yesterday that I took David to Kindergarten Visitation. It was fun to watch him explore the room and meet his first teacher. You were in China waiting to me your daughter. How time flies. David in second grade and Anna riding an ATV.
Another school year around the corner with all the excitemnt of new friends and teachers. Nervous students and moms left with mixed feelings. It will ever be thus.
Nannie and Papa look forward to seeing the pictures of the "First Day" with new shoes and backpacks.
Love to all

Quigg said...

Amy, can you tell me wear to buy those honey combs? I want my daughters to wear them when they go out on dates!! :-)