Friday, April 20, 2007


"I love to help Mom cook. Lucky for me, we get to make cupcakes for my class today. I know she told me not to lick anything, but maybe if I'm really quick and sneaky she won't notice . . ."

"Yuuuuumm . . . this is sooooo good . . . . "

"Just one more, tiny lick before she sees me!"
"Hey Anna! You stay on the look out and tell me when you see her coming back!"

"Mom let me dye the icing to make pretty colors for Easter. The icing is so yummy too. She'll never know if I've gotten into the icing too! What do you think? Think my secret is safe!?!?!"


ccw said...

Looks like yummy fun!

I would so love a cupcake but I really want to shed the baby from my hips and wear a bikini again. No cupcakes for me. :(

Nannie said...

I thinkg Jack takes after his Great Grandpa Moehring who also loved to cook. He was good at it too! Looks like so much fun!
Wish I was close enough to have a cupcake party!
Love to the Cook and the Pretty Princess!