Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Clingmans' Dome

We spent Sunday in the Smokies, climbing Clingman's Dome (our treat) and playing at the NASCAR Speedpark (need I say who this was for?).

What is truly disturbing is the visible damage to our environment throughout the Smokies. Visiblity in the winter is reduced by 40% and in the summer by 80% from pollution. There is a yellow haze that covers what used to be a beautiful and breathtaking view - the whole reason you climb to the top! You can see pine trees in the photos that are bare and dying from acid rain. Was really convicting in terms of the changes that we need to do around the house to conserve, reduce, and recycle. A good lession for our kids as well!

Helping my lill' chickens make it up the steep hill!
Anna brought her backpack so she could be like Daddy. She did not realize until we reached the top that it contained her precious jewels! She quickly suited up, and proceeded to wave her wand and "cast spells" on everyone we passed.


ccw said...

Sounds like a very nice day, pollution aside.

I love Anna decked out in the jewelry. That is so cute!

Rach said...

You guys are adorable together!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love the Smokies! Those are wonderful pics of you & the kids!!


Val said...

No more toilet paper for those guys!! ;o) That really is awful to see the stripped trees. I understand that they are developing right and left down there.

Can't believe how Anna is just growing up. Such a beauty!