Friday, August 18, 2006

We survived our first week of school!

Waiting for the bus on the first day of school!

I can't believe it's the end of the first week of first grade! First grade! When did my little preschooler become a first grader? Old enough to ride the bus, walk to the cafeteria and pick out lunch, bring home homework, make his female reading partner laugh, want to have his hair spiked like the "other kids", etc.?

It's such an adjustment having my oldest gone for most of the day. He's off by 7:15 (is it just me or is that really early!?!?) and gets home at 3:20. His teacher enjoys him for most of the day instead of me! It truly makes me realize how much I need to love and treasure the time I have with my son. So often I'm harried, trying to get it all done. I need to just relax, enjoy my son, and gaze at the bra in my tree . . . Ok. Just kidding. Not really. I still stare at it in amazement.

A few weeks ago, David came home from a shopping trip with Nanny all excited. "I want to paint your toe nails, Mommy, and this is what I bought for you!" He whipped out Gypsy Sparkling Rose and proceeded to give me the pedicure of a lifetime. Sure I got some weird looks during Sunday School the next day, but I showed my toes with pride. I'm lucky to have a little boy, period, let alone one who thinks about me while out with Nanny. Nanny time is usually clouded by desires for candy and toys. Instead, he brought me home a gift, and it was truly one of those things that I'll always remember. He was so proud of his work and his gift. He was so careful and wanted things to look so nice. Awwww . . . My baby! Thank you God for my first grade baby!

So here was the end result. Not too bad, huh? The best part was that for the next few weeks, whenever I would get a chip, he would pile on more polish until I had a thick layer of the stuff. I wasn't quite the Gypsy Rose by then . . .


Glass Half Full said...

Awesome! Our first week is next week. Part of me is looking forward to quiet time, however, it'll be busy around here and I'll miss the lazy days of summer.

I pray for a wonderful year!!!

Michelle said...

How sweet! He did such a good job of painting your nails.

Trisha said...

Bring him over here and let him teach Bailey how to paint toes. I am stilling wearing polish from June!!

Olga said...

I can emphatize with you. My daughter entered first grade last June and i could not get over the idea of not seeing her for one whole day. So i ended taking lunch to her everyday and eating in her school myself together with other stage mothers like me :)

By the way, my 6-year daughter Abby paints my nails too. And i am as proud as you are with the finished product!