Thursday, August 17, 2006

This Is Just Too Much . . .

In addition to the leaking A/C, the colony of ants, broken front door, dog urine soaked carpet, etc., we now have to add to our list "Please come and remove the bra from the Maple tree in the backyard".

I will have to get a picture tomorrow. It's a black little thing that is hanging waaayyyy up there. We have nothing that would come close to reaching. Dave and I were reflecting on the day, looking at the birds in the backyard and admiring the other sights of nature when Dave turned his head and asked "Ummmm . . . is that a bra hanging from the tree?"

Sure enough. In all it's glory. Blowing in the breeze.

I truly needed a bra in the tree today. If that won't make you laugh, I don't know what will!


Michelle said... relaxing, a bra in the tree, lol. That is so strange, but still very funny. :)

Glass Half Full said...

Ok - too funny! You will look back and laugh...again and again...