Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Does anyone know the best way to get old dog urine out of carpet?

I've spent the past few days wondering "What is the smell!?!?" and I finally came across it. Poor little thing. Must have gotten the living room confused with the outside as it is everywhere.

We called the rental company, had the carpets treated, and it still smells. We have now asked them to replace the carpet, but considering they won't replace our broken blinds, I'm not very hopeful. We are thinking about breaking the lease at this point and moving into a clean, well managed home. I'm reaching my limit FAST!


Glass Half Full said...

I have been thinking and thinking about what you can do (read this last night). UGH -- BLANK!!! I will post something if a thought strikes.

Amy said...

I think it needs to be pulled up and burned!

Trisha said...

Have you tried baking soda? Put it on the carpet, leave it on for a a while and then vacuum it off. There also a product called Nature's Miracle that you can get at pet stores that might help. My Gramma used to use it and swore by it. Hope it helps!

Olga said...

You rent carpets and blinds in your country????

Now, I really am getting to love your blog Amy. Considering I will never get any chance to visit, much less live in your country, reading about your life is the best way I could have of experiencing the American ways :)