Saturday, June 03, 2006

Our last weekend!

Well this is our last weekend in Michigan! This time next week we will be staying with family in Virginia. Hard to believe!

This in between time is so hard. It's like you're stuck in limbo. You can't get involved in projects because you are leaving. Casual friends stop calling and things get very quiet. You are eating strange combinations of food so you can use up what is left in the frig and pantry. I feel like all I'm doing at this point is waiting for the moving truck to come so we can get moved, settled, and involved in things in Knoxville. Sort of a blagh feeling.

I took a peek at Love Without Boundaries this morning. They have posted numerous children who are in need of surgery. Please take a peek and consider donating a few dollars. It's amazing to see how your contribution can change the life of a child. LWB will send you updates and photos of the child that you have sponsored. It's been wonderful to see our sponsored children blossom once they've had medical treatment.

Have a wonderful weekend!


C2 said...

I wanted to thank you for your supportive comments that you left on my blog recently- they really helped to make me feel better. As I read your blog today though, I see you are in the same position as we currently are... living in temporary housing! We moved in June 31st and will be living in limbo until July 2nd. I totally agree- it really stinks! Here's to our new houses and the life ahead!

Rach said...

Have a safe trip! We'll miss our northern friends! When you get settled, maybe this fall, lets get together. Will you still be available via your cell phone?