Saturday, June 03, 2006

Why Aren't You Packing!?!?

The movers are coming Monday and our items will be in storage for quite some time. Therefore, I need to pack whatever I think we may need for the summer prior to the packers arriving. I've been getting calls from friends and family who have been wondering "why aren't you packing!?!?" These photos are great examples of how while I'm doing one thing they are undoing another.

I spent an hour yesterday spraying weeds with Round Up in an effort to keep things looking civilized until the house sells. I finished and within an hour we had a severe thunderstorm. I figured most of the Round Up was gone and wanted to take a peek in the backyard. So off I went, leaving the kids cleaning out planter pots in the front yard. I was only taking a peek, returning within minutes. My kids used the time wisely.

Anna got thirsty and decided that the hose was better than her sippy cup. Our first change of clothes for the day DONE! And then I walked around the corner only to find . . .
my rug!!! True, I am washing some things before I pack them away, but this was not on my list. I could have yelled and pitched a fit but when your little one looks at you with big blue eyes and says "I just want to help you", there is not much more to say. I'm just amazed that he ran inside, dragged this runner out, and had it drenched in the two minutes I was in the backyard.

Where was my oldest? Putting with the wonderful gift from his grandfather. I heard a BANG as I was dealing with the soaking wet rug. "Don't worry Mom. I just got Dad's old truck".

God help me.

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