Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Weekend

Over Memorial Weekend, friends had us down to Lake Michigan for a cookout and a trip to the beach. As much as we are happy to be returning south, this weekend reminded us as to why we love Michigan in the summer. You can't beat an evening on the lake! The weather was perfect and the sunset gorgeous. Sometimes I think another year here would have been great. There is so much we would like to do. But then I take a peek at photos of my family, my new nephew, the mountains, etc. and I can't wait to get back home!
Jack came prepared to entertain us during our dinner.
We weren't to sure if Anna would like the water, but she loved it!
David spent most of the evening flying his kite. He did great! Kept it up in the air and not one person got darted in the head!
It was a scene taken from "The Awakening". Anna started to walk out and did not stop until the water was up to her chin!

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