Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Weekend

So I had plans for this weekend.

It's going to be beautiful, the nicest it's been since last fall.

So many things to do when it's going to be this nice. A trip to the Smokies? Dollywood?Or maybe just one of our local parks? We have a gorgeous one that's right on the river. Beautiful area with awesome play equipment, walking trails, and a "beach" area, which I thought I'd let the kids get into today.

A walk around the neighborhood with my camera would be awesome too. Kids can run and ride their scooters and I'll snap photos of everything that is starting to come to life again. I love, love, love the first signs of spring, which around here are daffodils and crocus.

Oh the places we are going to go!

That was until hubby came downstairs and announced that he had been laying by the toilet, both ends running.

So I guess we are on to Plan B.

Dollywood will have to wait.

The biggest trip I'll take today will be to Kroger for Sprite and saltine crackers.

Disinfecting the toilets, sinks, and any other place he may have touched.

Being thankful that he's here rather than over there.

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Christy said...

Ah I hope your hubby gets to feeling better, but I'm praying no one else comes down with the loveliness he's going through.

Glad you stopped back by! I'm actually 29 weeks now! (As of yesterday!)...the pregnancy is flying by. We're not finding out what we're having this time around, so we'll find out at the end of May if we have a new son or a new daughter!