Thursday, October 01, 2009

School Photos

School photos.

Who doesn't remember being sent to school in something that was usually saved for Sundays, hair plastered just right, and threats made not to get dirty before your snap was taken?

I remember being hustled on to that stool, lights in my face, holding the black comb for last minute adjustments, and giving it my best, all while some man was hollering "Turn your head a little this way. A little more, a little more . . . NOW HOLD and give me a pretty one, princess".

At some point the "nice smiles" were replaced with something that looked almost painful. Maybe forced would be a better word.

My son brought his proofs home yesterday and I had to laugh because I could feel so much of what his face was expressing.



SDKelly said...

That's so funny! I remember those too! Love the new blog layout.

Amy said...

Love it! hee hee
I have a strange one from 6th grade with my neck in the funniest position...

Miraculously, for the first time in 3 years, Martina's were actually great this year! We just got the proofs today.

So I told her we could skip Portrait Innovations. She was disappointed, while I sat there with my mouth open thinking, "I usually have to bribe you to go every year--and you WANT to go THIS year when you don't HAVE to????"