Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting the first of the week up and running!
Life is so busy.
We've been sick - passing the flu around like most of the US - but life has little time to slow down. One may be down but the others always have something else to do. I'm praying that James and I finish this thing out soon. I'm beat!
I started and finished A Thousand Splendid Suns. What a great, sad, easy, interesting, thought provoking read. Excellent book. Now I am moving on to Alice Springs by Nikki Gemmell. Thank goodness for the library otherwise groceries would be a luxury. I love, love, love to read.
The windows are open this morning and it feels wonderful. Tomorrow we should wake up to temperatures in the 40s!
My son mowed our neighbor's lawn yesterday after realizing he was going to need some extra income. Oh the "needs" of a 4th grader! I was so proud of him, mowing our lawn and then moving on to theirs. Start to finish, the jobs took about two hours and he did a great job. I was a nervous Mommy, wanting everything to look nice so he'll be asked to mow again. Mission accomplished.
This week we start selling Scout popcorn x 2. All I can say is that it's not really my thing. I just don't like door to door sales. I think it's the fear of rejection. "But you're not the one selling, Amy!" I know, but it's my children so that's close enough. I take it personally, even if popcorn is their least favorite food in the world.
My daughter wet the bed again. I swear I'm washing dirty sheets at least three times a week.
We saw "Meatballs" yesterday. Cute little flick, and if you have the extra cash, see it in 3-D.
Stouffers makes a good Chicken Alfredo. I may not give you the fanciest, ultra homemade recipes on here, but by golly, I'll tell you what's good from the frozen section. Do you have a favorite from the frozen aisle? I think we are going to be surviving on these meals until Dave gets home.
Nothing exciting, but always interesting.
What are you up to this week?


Pam, mom, honey, said...

i have a great suggestion for popcorn. my son sold $11 THOUSAND last year and over 6 of that was standing in front of walmart and the px taking donations. tell him good luck. how old are your boys, the money is great, we got a disney trip, 1000 in his scout account, 600 in scholarship account which they doubled and a 700 check written to him. so worth it in the long run, although we are not working for it this year

Sarah said...

Amy, I am impressed that you are able to read- I usually choose to sleep. Which came first the movie or the flu? Hope you didn't expose the whole theater! I think a frozen dinner must be better than cereal, pizza, and mac and cheese (what I feed my kids when B isn't around) he he. We'll have to visit soon when everyone is healthy. Does Anna have a UTI?
Hang in there sista! Pour yourself a large glass of Bernice :)

Amy said...

I don't have any good frozen ideas other than frozen tortellini and jarred sauce, but the family sure loves Hamburger Helper. Every flavor. I feel so guilty serving it when it's a box of processed stuff, but when Martina sees the box on the counter, she squeals, "My favorite!"

Chinamama4 said...

We love Trader Joe's frozen meatballs. You can serve them with spaghetti, or with brown gravy w/a little sour cream over noodles for stroganoff, or w/tomato sauce for subs, or in BBQ sauce... :)
Try tortellini w/packaged alfredo sauce, some frozen peas and cut up ham thrown in - VERY easy!
I also throw stuff in the crock pot early in the day when I'm not exhausted and have a bit of time. Then dinner's all ready when I AM exhausted and rushed and stressed! A few boneless chicken breasts w/canned tomatoes and some Italian seasoning can cook all day - I shred it up and dump it over noodles.
My girls are VERY picky, and these all work well for us - hope they help...