Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Double Jeopardy?

So last spring a friend tipped me off to something naughty my son had done.

"Ummm . . . I just thought you would want to know that David is funding his concession stand fever with your husband's quarters".

Come to find out that he had dipped into Dave's quarter collection to pay for ring pops when he went to watch his friend's baseball games.

Totally off the subject . . . well, not really . . . I remember being into these things too. The ring pops that is, not taking my parents money. I would sport a big ol' red one and lick/suck/bite on that thing for hours.

In fact, I really liked candy cigarettes and loved to "puff" out that white stuff, feeling so cool and grown-up. Do they even make those things anymore?

Anyways, last night I found out that his sticky fingers paid for more than just ring pops. He was able to purchase items from school: cool pencils, markers, erasers, etc. All in all, he confessed to taking about 20-30 quarters from my husband after realizing "You don't have money, Mom."

So, now I sit, trying to figure out how to deal with something that I punished him for in the spring. I made him work off the ring pops and write a paper on why we don't steal. Now I find out that his "crime" was greater than what I had originally thought, and I'm not sure what to do.



Amy said...

Wow that's tough! I promise mom my mom in the 6th grade I would not tell anyone the secret she told me. Well, I did. My punishment was such embarresment. The next day we were going on a field trip (I went to a small school 33 in graduating class.) I had to go to school but couldn't go on the field trip. I had to stay with the 1st graders and be a "helper" all day long. I also had to explain to people that asked why I was not able to go on the field trip with my class. Lesson learned! I like the working off the money thing and writing the paper. But now I see you need to up the punishment. Maybe something to help out a needy someone less fortunate. Serve at local soup kitchen. Raise money to go towards helping people that really need things. Just some ideas...Let me know that punishment! Oh and yes those were my chickens, cats, and such on our farm. amy in ms

Mrs. Schutt said...

I agree with Amy in MS. Gotta up the punishment now, and I like the idea of his punishment helping others. Depending on his age, you could also give him extra chores, take him for a tour of the local jail to show him where thieves end up (sometimes being scared is enough of a punishment), or have him earn money to pay for school supplies for other children who may not have any pencils (much less, "cool" pencils)...

Thinking of you, btw! It's almost over!

Christy said...

Not an easy one since he was punished already, yet he ultimately did lie to you (since he didn't fess up to taking as much as he did when he was initially caught), I think one you make him confess to Daddy what he did (if he's not done so already). Then I'd make him work it off and repay Dad, as well as make him pay for everything he bought with that stolen money himself via chores, volunteerism, helping neighbors, etc and forfitting any allowance he may get, until his debt is paid back.

Carolyn said...

Naughty, but kind of funny.

Let the new school year be a fresh start and let it go, baby. And get Dave to teach you some interrogation skills when he gets back so you get the whole truth, and nothing but the truth next time out of the lil' stinker. Or have Mom coach you about giving the teacher stare that can get you confessing to things you didn't even do!